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This new blog of mine comes with the intent to talk about any aspect of Italian culture, traditions, habit, customs and anything else concerning Italian world and news – specially Neapolitan ones – written by an Italian man born and living in Naples  – just a made in Italy –  and is for anybody living elsewhere who loves or interested in Italian/Neapolitan culture. Here you also find news and interesting facts that are part of our lives, but keep in mind that I do not mince words. Any comment or involvement – specially from foreigners – is welcome. Thanks.

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  • Can anyone tell me how the dialect in southern Italy differs from the rest of Italy ? I’ve been told that even if I were to learn Italian I would not understand the people in southern Italy because their dialect is completely different.

    • Hi,
      If you had read any post of mine probably, you already would have found the answer.
      Well, you have to know that Italy has an administrative division through Regions and Commons and realize that any region has its own local dialect, everyone different from another. And this, independently if southern or northern Italy, because any dialect has his own origin. Of course, the south dialects are very… very different from northerly one, due to the different history and cultural heritage. This means that a Venetian don’t understand the dialect of a people living in Milan but worst towards Neapolitan or Sicilian.
      Often, even in the same Region different Commons (Comuni) have different dialects also if sometimes the difference isn’t so accentuated. Just to give you an example, the dialect spoken in the city and province of Salerno (a city of the region Campania, just 94 mi. far from Naples) is different from Neapolitan and I, for example, am not able to understand wholly what they say during a chat.
      Neapolitan (napulitano) is the language (dialect) of the city and region also if Campania gets different dialects in others cities all classified as Italo-Dalmatian with pre-Latin Oscan and Greek language influence. However it is quite common for many Neapolitan to speak standard Italian with a “Neapolitan accent” as pronouncing un-stressed vowels, for instance.
      Luckily we have the Italian language, spoken and understood everywhere in Italy.

      • Grazie per il tuo messaggio. Tu non ricordi più il napoletano come dici ma io ti invidio per essere cresciuta negli US! Comunque sono a tua disposizione quando ti occorre conoscere qualcosa in napoletano….. saluti e auguri

        Ti ringrazio per il tuo blog, ben fatto e ben scritto!

        Io sono nata a Napoli, ma vissuta in USA da quando avevo 3 anni. Ho avuto la fortuna di andare in Italia ogni estate (fino circa 1974) a visitare i nonni a Napoli e nel paese Casertano di mio padre. Siamo 5 figli e portiamo dentro noi una forte vena Napoletana. Sono un avvocato nella vicinanza di New York. Ora i parenti in Italia ne sono pochi e purtroppo i nostri genitori non ci sono più. Ho sposato un Americano e lui ama (quasi) tutto Italiano ed i nostri 2 figli cresciuti anche portano un forte impronte Napoletana.

        Il mio italiano e ormai pessimo; non parlo napoletana’ ma lo capisco e lo amo. Grazie per tutti i detti napoletani. Il tuo Inglese e veramente straordinario! Complimenti!

        Margherita (“Rita”) Campanile McCaffrey

      • Grazie per il tuo messaggio. Tu non ricordi più il napoletano come dici ma io ti invidio per essere cresciuta negli US! Comunque sono a tua disposizione quando ti occorre conoscere qualcosa in napoletano….. saluti e auguri


  • Tony that was fascinating. I had an Italian boyfriend once, he was from the north and told me that he can’t always understand the southern dialects and additionally that the south is almost a different country in terms of culture and mentality. As a southerner, I would welcome your thoughts on that. Are you really that different?

    • Gosh! I never supposed you had an Italian b/f! Well, you’re right, as it happens in all parts of the world, southern and northern culture and habits often are different and sometimes completely even, according to the historical events occurred in the years, as it has happened in Italy. I don’t know how it is going in other countries but in Italy this big difference sometimes brings – unfortunately – to a sort of “geographic” loathing, bordering on a racial stuff even. Very, very bad! I don’t know what you want know about but if the case it’s opportune to do it by email and not on here…OK?
      I am very happy to hear from you and many thx for contacting me…

  • Your blog about Italian is really awesome. I like your post. I have bookmarked this site and I will get back here. I really enjoyed while reading this post. I like italian culture, tradition, Italian food etc . Last summer I have visited Italy as well as I have visited Italian restaurant. I have enjoyed Italian food very much.

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