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Published January 14, 2011 by Tony

Though winter time, in South Italy and Naples where I’m, weather as usually is mild. Today it even was sunny!

It’s 21 p.m. here and as dinner I bought a broiled chicken together some little “panzerotti”, “zeppoles” (not the sweet one) and other fried little things as slices of aubergine and pieces of yellow mush… then I’ll tell you more about these foods because hungry now……..


Hello world!

Published January 14, 2011 by Tony

This new blog comes with the intent to talk about any aspect of Italian culture, traditions, habit, customs and anything else concerning Italian world – specially Neapolitan one – written by an Italian man born and living in Naples – just a made in Italy –  and is for anybody living elsewhere who loves or is interested in Italian culture. Any comment or involvement – specially from foreigners – is welcome. Thanks.