Published January 16, 2011 by antveral


hahaha.. I know for many of you it even is night there but, with such a sun shining in the sky, here is morning and the day  promises to be a good warm one.

Thus, for me it’s time for a coffee….. and forgive my presumption if I affirm that here and only here you can taste the best coffee ever!

Hey, note I’m not referring to that sort of water-down beverage (Americano ?) you American call coffee…puah!

And neither to the espresso – that is very good, anyhow – prepared in any bar but, I’m referring to the homemade coffee.

It is well-known that Italian coffee is good but in Naples it is the best… mmmm… yes the best!

Even in other cities, if people are using the same blend and the same coffee-maker, that black liquid will be different then….

Why that?!

Because water for first and climate then have their substantial importance. Probably our water and climate are the right one.

For we Neapolitan people coffee is a magic stuff and a rite we have exported in the world.

The tradition starts in the past with the Neapolitan flip coffee pot or Napoletana, a drip brew coffee maker for thestovetop.

Here is what Wikipedia says about:

<It consists of a bottom section filled with water, a filter section in the middl filled    with  finely ground coffee, and an upside-down pot placed on the top. When the water   boils, the entire three-part coffee maker is flipped over to let the water filter through the coffee grounds. Once the water has dripped through the grounds, the water-boiling and filter sections are removed, and the coffee is served from the remaining pot. If coarse grounds are used, the coffee is brewed quite mildly. Using a very dark, finely ground roast, in the “Neapolitan” style, this method can produce a coffee that has a stronger flavor than an automatic drip maker.>

Once people even grinded the coffee beans by themselves getting a more aromatic and fresh coffee.

If the appliance isn’t done in the right way and with the right material the coffee will be different and not good. It’s not my intent to publicize some product but experience brought me to choose only a precise coffee-maker and you can see its shape by the following image, that just is the little (for a single cup) machine I use every day.

Note the creamy coffee while discharging  up in the percolator… with the aroma hovering in the air!

We put the same care  also in the choice of the ground coffee to buy (and use)… this is very important!

Lately I prefer arabic blend coffee and my attention goes to some brands… Kimbo mostly but also Illy, Passalacqua or Lavazza.

Time coffee must be a pleasure first of anything, alone or with friends…. and if you want know what I’m feeling now come here and taste my coffee!


3 comments on “THE COFFEE

    • Hi Larry!
      The Neapolitan flip coffee pot comes in nineteenth century while the coffee-maker – we call moka – took over from it the century after, being more convenient. I hope you really can come here someday and enjoy this unique city.

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