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Published March 12, 2011 by Tony

Japan Earthquake

We stay dismayed in front of the after-earthquake scenes from Japan.

An earthquake so violent that if happened in any other country in the world could sweep entire towns.

It’s true, Japanese are accustomed and live together earthquakes but, one of magnitude 8.9 followed by a strong tsunami with waves of 10 meters is not so common!

If the official death toll is – so to say – moderate compared with what such an event may cause is due to the strict observance of the earthquake-proof standard for the buildings and the education of Japanese  citizens. People who already in primary schools learns how to deal with earthquakes and maintain self-control.

But Japanese mind goes beyond by civics and respect for neighbour.

The image of a girl who, while working in a store, hold merchandize on the shelves during the earthquake or of a doctor who hold a patient’s hand make us reflect.
This is a population that suffer silently with humility and resignation but, despite the precarious economic situation, will be able to recover and move forward with the usual sense of duty and authority.

My thoughts and my prayers were for who is suffering, but we all are sharing and rely on aid from all the nations in the world.