Published March 25, 2011 by Tony

Slice of Neapolitan Life I

On a my previous post called “Neapolitan Spirit” I wrote something about my countrymen behaviour and with the following slide-show I now want to show you some daily conditions from life. I found these images on the net and some of them even let me smile because I know it’s true. We citizens usually get so used to see some affair or too busy to look around that take no notice of them. I called this post “Neapolitan oddity”  also if  we aren’t in wonder for some of them that looks more naïf and picturesque than odd. Perhaps, you have seen similar things around but take in account that they concern the city of Naples and aren’t old images.

A hearse drew by traffic police for  ‘no-parking’ while the coffin is coming out from the church.

A sign in a restroom school where the caretaker wrote: “If you aren’t able to pinpoint a so large hole I don’t realize as you will be able to manage littler ones!!!

Neapolitan adaptation. A small car is an advantage but Neapolitan add a bit of cunning and impudence.
An original rim for a fun of the Naples football team.
Satellite dishes. Since the scaffold will remain for long… that just was the best solution….
A sign for the thieves: “There is nothing else to take”. (A way to prevent another damage)
Adaptation. A grocery stallholder on a church steps.

A sign on a hood put by some streeturchins that like football: “Park here nevermore cause we have to play otherwise we will break it

A wall writing: “The pope is a saint, Berlusconi is honest and I’m, not writing on the wall
Neapolitan fantasy. A Neapolitan alleyway. Probably, those umbrellas are there to avoid the lamps light coming in the windows during the nighttime.
Neapolitan prevention.

Thirteen no-parking signs here but it’s pointless!
By moped some Neapolitan carries anything!

An honest fishmonger. The writing says: “Fish almost fresh

A roadsign thrown among breakwater.Probably a work of some vandal.


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