Published April 6, 2011 by Tony


It is amazing to see as a post – I thought to be amiss and awkward – on the contrary,  becomes the most active page of the blog, lately.

It is true that my blog is recent and with many similar one around, and for this reason the visitors are very few (within 10-20 a day and you can give a look at the widget “Visitors” on the left of the mainpage) but, after the post dedicated to “Wilhelm von Plüschow ”  published the last week, the visitors have increased. This post had 16 visits the day after and 90 this week!

Wow… big numbers for me!

But, this fact brings us to do some consideration.

Evidently, there is a great demand for eroticism, sexuality and porno, everywhere and this explains because that article has popular appeal. I had a similar experience with another post called  “Yahoo!Answer1 and published on my old Italian blog ( though it cannot be considered an erotic or porno article because a sort of instructive dialogue helping youngs to know something about sex and sexuality.

Well, the post was successful and brought my blog to have hundreds of visits every day even!

I don’t know why or who is visiting this article and to avoid any criticism or make the post too pornographic, any previous image was deleted replacing some hyperlink to some (naked) picture found on the web so that, only who really interested could click and see, aware of what he/she gets ready to see.

Mmmm… my Blog Statistic about that article says that the hyperlinks (the images) always are at the top of the search…..
We Neapolitans say 2+2 is 4 to underline something that is evident or that was expectable (simple as that sum).

Yahoo!Answer”  first and  “Wilhelm von Plüschow”  then give me that confirmation (about the demand) and  – as 2+2=4 –  I even shouldn’t be amazed now.


People need and like erotic and porno writings but photographs mainly!

Hey, nothing wrong with that, anyway! I’m very open minded and against any form of censorship and discrimination and those who follow my blog know my points of views. I even would like to live in a world with more freedom specially under the sexual aspect.

Anyhow….. probably, I chose a wrong topic for my blog…. who knows…. for sure the visitors spur us (bloggers) to go on also if a blog is (or should be) a personal space where anybody can give vent to own inspiration and creativity independently from the number of visitors.

It’s not my intent to commit the sin of the hypocrisy so…… be ready to find here – soon – another licentious article and then come back to check the visit counter again!


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