Published April 13, 2011 by Tony

It is springtime.

Also if today the weather has been bad all over Italy,  the winter is away and we perceived it some day ago when the temperature rose and the sun gave us enjoyable and longer days. The brisk air at morning or evening, Nature that awaken and the birds song already had announced the coming of the  spring.

As usually, it wont last that long and before you can say knife, hot days will arrive, especially here in the south, meeting again the summer.

But, anybody feels the spring in a different way…. to whom the allergy comes back, to whom the sleep always seems insufficient, to whom weakness afflict and to who this new season brings vigor and excitement.

I’s sure that the physical-chemical effects leading the Nature to awaken in a so short lapse of time enthrall as fascinate me looking at that little nature I’ve the possibility to meet in the vicinity. Naked trees and wizen plants that live again gladdening with their colours and vitality. Birds and insects become more active and numerous and the one who luckily is living next to woods or fields feels and can appreciate more this event. And it happens from time out of mind…. before the humankind could populate this planet. And only this should be sufficient to respect and care the Nature that belongs to it as of right. Nature shows it and ask for it by its vitality (thank goodness!) which deserves reverence. Small plants, herbs and mosses that grow at the streets edges, in the asphalt, on the walls and on the roofs, in the squares cracks  and even inside the old abandoned objects!

If this is not the miracle of the life, of the survival and of the adaptation, tell me where we can meet it.

In case of a global disaster, whereas life could disappear, many scientists say that the only living being to survive and repopulate quickly will be the insects (together virus, bacteria and fungus), practically the littlest being and the less esteemed…. whatever one may say, they are the strongest!

This is not a good expectation but I like to think that whereas sunlight isn’t lacking or coming back then, also the vegetation, thanks to the vitality I mentioned, could return to color with green the Earth.

Without plants the life for animals (and for us) isn’t possible and, alas, many forgot that!

Probably many of you have some memory linked with the spring as in me still is alive the memory of some smell. Not far from the home where I spent my childhood there were some building with a small garden inside and during this season, any time I passed alonside I felt the scent of some flowers, as the orange blossoms, coming from those gardens. Heady and pleasant aromas that as a natural clock informed us that the summer was behind the corner.

Inexorably, mind associated that odor to that place and so, anytime my olfactory cells feel that fragrance my mind unintentionally goes back to that time and places. I would like to know what memory link you with the springtime, to its smells and colors.

Good spring to you all.


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