Published April 15, 2011 by Tony


In your opinion is there any difference between northerners and southerners sexuality?

The answer could sound easy if we assume that persons nowadays are equal also considering that people move continuously bringing mixture of race and progeny.

Undoubtedly, for this reason local customs and peculiarities change in the time but my thought was about  the “primeval” way of living of some local community.

Today, people still keep some way of behaving and mentality typical of that folks as the result of their own culture and mores. It is due to the heritage, that country own that to a certain extent still affects personality and mind-set. As it is told: “when in Rome do as the Romans do”.

I don’t know what the situation is in countries trans-Italy but as Italian can say something about our culture.

It was told that northerners were opener than southerners, in the sense that people were broadminded and youngsters in particular about their sexual mores.

It was well-known that most women and men had their first sexual intercourse during the youth and in the adolescence even. Young people had more freedom during the youth and this independence brought them to have more occasions and dates. Parents were more permissive without that sort of eternal bonds towards sons, with fewer cases of mummy’s boys or mummy’s girls too. Practically, as we say, “the sons cut their umbilical cord early” and it was not so unusual that young people left their family to take up residence in another place and live their own life alone.

In the south some prejudice limited such a behaviour while parents always have been attached to the sons excessively and till their advanced age.

Somebody will have noticed that I was talking in the past time (it was told….) and this because the situation nowadays is slightly changed in the south too. We all know that people continue to lose their virginity at an earlier age than previous generations. As told, “people are the same the whole world over” also if some rooted mindset endures and maybe forever as a genetic peculiarity.

Netsurfing around I read that in Europe the most precocious people about sex are the Icelandic, at the first place with the first intercourse at 15,7 years, while at the second place German with 16,2 years and third Austrian with 16,3.

I read about a survey of the Health department  of Milan and according to it in Milan 7% of girls would have their first intercourse at 13 years even. According to another Italian opinion poll about the age of the first intercourse:


– 72 %  from 15 to 17 years
– 12%   from 13 to 14 years
– 15 %  from 18 to 20 years
–   1 %  from 21 up
– 78 %  from 14 to 16 years
– 18 %  from 17 to 19 years
–   4 %  from 20 to 22 years


Then this extensive survey:


Sex frequency (%)

Nigeria 58, Mexico 56, India 53, Greece 47, Poland 46, Malaysia 46, Spain 44, South Africa 44, Austria 43, Switzerland 42, Russia 42, Brazil 42, France 41, Italy 41, Netherlands 41, Germany 40, Canada 40, Thailand 38, New Zealand 37, Singapore 37, USA 36, Hong Kong, 36, UK 33, Australia 31, China 30, Japan 14.


At least I couldn’t evade mentioning something about USA and here’s for you American an interesting survey about your sexual behavior:

Needless adding that I don’t feel confident about these surveys or polls because contributors stay anonymous hence the result could be altered or untrue.


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