Driving in Naples

Published April 21, 2011 by Tony

Neapolitan and automobile

The cellular alarm clock is ringing.

It’s ten to seven in the morning and as usually I must wake-up and do it promptly blocking the alarm. I get dressed and go in the bathroom. Then, still in hurry take the reading glasses, the portable hard-disk, a pack of cigarettes or anything else I have to take away and after put on the jacket leave my home.

Once took the car from the garage go by the alley to reach the main street (a sort of B track-road in the suburb).

Here I meet the first traffic lights and if red, I light up my first cigarette. It is 7.22 o’clock more or less and if the road was clear I could arrive on time at work but there is no way and at the front always meet with some slow driver.  Fuck!

A bungler person, an old man, a truck, a woman or somebody talking on cell, for sure!

It seems they are having a jaunt though it’s early and most people are in the street to go to work.

After a mile another traffic lights.

Often it happens to run up against the red lights because some slowcoach is the leader of the tailback with the road cleared ahead!

I don’t want that the slowpoke must go at 62 mph but if the road is free why do you have to travel at 15 mph as a turtle ?!  Hell!

Whereas possible I try to pass getting them out of the way….

Consider I’m referring to single-lane road.

I’m not a reckless driver but… have a sporting driving, as it is told, and don’t like to be bound by others behaviour or at their beck and call!

With no traffic (clear road) and no traffic lights it could take me 4-5 min. to reach my office instead, it needs 15-18 min. also if they are 2.5 miles only.  Imagine if they were 50 miles instead!

Sincerely, I usually care nothing for established speed limits and possibly break them sometimes but being safe, always.

It’s not easy to drive here!

I am sure that most Neapolitan drivers are very skilful compared with people driving in others countries. I know people coming from other cities who gives up to drive here, being so chaotic and dangerous. Traffic, no care for road-signs, speed demons, mopeds and bikes running reckless, pedestrians moving freely and torn up road. It’s not easy!

Driving becomes a hard engagement that require no inattention.

Anybody who come here can realize this looking at the cars simply.

Only the new cars are intact (unless you use it at weekends only) while most cars are scratched or with dents. This is the reason a lot of cars are old. Those who have to move in the city principally,  prefer to buy an used one.

If you are thinking about the insurance take into account that you can find some scratch also if your car simply was parked. And sometimes it even happens to hit on (old) cars not insured because the owner is insolvent and your potential attorney advise you to renounce.

We are so used about small scratches that when somebody hit our car slightly, we sometimes let it go.

Think, Campania is the Italian region where the third-party insurance (the public-liability one) is the most onerous in Italy and in Europe!

Insurance companies gather a lot of money and though even the insurance policy is required by law, may companies refuse to insure new (expensive or luxury) cars or don’t renew the contract in the case of an insurance claim for an accident of yours.

They say that Campania is the region with the most high theft rate and accident but they really are a lot of years that we pay this sort of tangent.

A new small engine car needs nearly 800-900 euro/year for the obligatory public-liability insurance only, while adding the theft insurance too you need nearly 1200-1400 euro/year, though the no-claim bonus.

Impossible then to insure a scooter (moped) till 50cc.

Rarely companies insure them or you have to pay as a car.

Aside from fuel (quite expensive here) and maintenance, we have to pay an annual property tax too, depending on engine size (nearly 250 euro/year for  1900 cc.) and another small one to move through the city (centre) because the pollution and for any vehicles below Euro 5 engine.

We Neapolitans can be deft drivers but automobile is an expenditure for us.


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