Published May 10, 2011 by Tony

Slice of Neapolitan Life II

The past month I posted the first part of this subject with the first images (Neapolitan Oddity I) and now just the second part.
Inside the car there are a lot of parking time tickets, those we have to buy to park the car in the street and that must be in full view for the traffic police. Evidently, this driver had his fingers burned and to avoid other fines showed all the tickets. Some funny chap passing there left him a message on the windscreen that says:

Gosh Bro!  Wasn’t it worth to get a fine.

(considering the cost of all the tickets)

Look at the antitheft. It’s unsure to leave anything unattended here…. even a wheelchair.

Neapolitan philosophy. The clay says:

“hairdresser makes you attractive,

wine makes you wop (swaggerer),

and woman makes a fool of you!”

Neapolitan football supporters never forgive!

This Neapolitan football player (Fabio Quagliarella) – now offensively put on a garbage-can with the notice “TRASH “– played in Napoli team and let us dream by his goal. Then the past year he left to play in Juventus team, while among the two followings always there have been a big rivalry.

It is not so unusual to see so shabby cars here. Certainly, a so old car doesn’t give much confidence and maybe for this the writing says:

“If God wants it  I will go and come!”

A way to earn. The sign warns:

“Information must be paid, 0,50 cent”

It looks like a balcony in a Eduardo De Filippo dramatic work set in the 1900, instead you still may see such a scene nowadays.

It is well-known that Naples is famous for presepio (crèche) and its figures. Every Christmas new figures are created. Hmmm… clergy is not so prudish… and ironically their signs say:

“Come to me sisters”

In Naples anything goes fast.

Usually everybody is in a hurry and historically Neapolitans hate queue (this behavior even could deserve a post).

Some shopkeeper try to accommodate to this demeanor and this rotisserie is one. The shop’s name just is:

“I’m in a hurry”

(referring to the customer, of course)


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