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The “Meeting of the sea” is an artistic and musical happening that since 1997 takes place every year on may in Marina di Camerota. This is a little and nice sea country in the province of Salerno and you may know more about it reading here this previous post of mine

The event was born with the purpose to give regional youths and emerging bands the opportunity to perform and year after year it improved till to become a multicultural event three days long putting up many new bands coming from everywhere, giving art and literature room and with some important guest performing at the end of any show.

Just a juvenile culture phenomenon where the seaside becomes the right setting for such a meeting, every year with a different slogan as background. The past year the theme was “The Invisible” while now is “Why?”,  the simple question that needs a precise answer and not a chronicle. Unluckily,  there often is no answer to some question or just not a simple-direct one.

Every year thousands of young people go there to spend some perky day listening to music and enjoy between a bottle of beer (or wine) and a joint. A lot of them rent a one-room apartment where  a group of buddies cram in while the less well-off spend the night in ridge-tents on the beach. On the other hand, the night becomes day here and usually youths fall asleep during the dawn only or earlier because smashed or overdone. Anyway, there’s a pleasant holiday spirit, just a meeting and an aggregation(al) time that let me slightly recollect the Woodstock myth and the “Flower children”  which miss me a lot…. I have not been one of those lucky guys that lived that period and those experiences…. hell’s bells!

Music is the background of the meeting and the new bands play any sort of music, from rock to reggae and from folk to funky.

Blessed is the music and blissful the youth!

It’s a pity that the first bands playing in the first evening get a scarce audience because only later people and boys start to fill up the square and the seafront next to the stage. As a photography-fond I again took a lot of photos and this time of some band too.



Give a look at this drummer… the band was the youngest of the concert and he quite worried ‘cause the first time performing on a stage, evidently.  What a tenderness!







5119901Some young band was really clever and it was a pleasure to listen to,  alike  this one.










Africa unite

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