Published June 12, 2011 by Tony


Good or bad,  it is said that “World is beautiful because odd” also if it should be more opportune saying “humanity is beautiful because odd”!
That we are not all similar is a fact and after 2000 years of history we have seen a lot of oddity and more but there always is someone still able to surprise us creating new strategies and situations.
And it is the case of Tim Patch, an English painter, became famous worldwide for creating a new way of painting. In art, the artists have always striven to find new techniques and methods of painting and we know that some disabled people paints by their feet or mouth, or who even uses his own feces to create new colors, but we really did not expect about someone using his penis to paint.
It sounds weird or obscene but “Pricasso“, as he signs himself, really do it (penileart), using sometimes his buttocks too. In this case, the name stands for Picasso with the addition of “prick” also if in England he is apostrophized as “shlongshot”, while in Italian language we should call him Picazzo (being cazzo the translation of prick).
Whatever you want to define him, because of this peculiarity, Tim became a painter known all over the world who is not ashamed to make his work live proving its authenticity. Tim was born in England 57 years ago but then moved to Australia where is living in Sydney with his family, and where fond of painting supplemented the salary as builder selling paintings.
In 2008, the win of the Archibald Prize for portrait section, made him famous, and since then devoted himself to that passion completely.  Among his works are the one dedicated to George W. Bush, Tony Blair and to the Eiffel Tower and his paintings start at $ 150 just for a face only, with the possibility of seeing him while working.

On the other hand, we must consider that the use of the penis as a brush leads to irritation over time caused by constant rubbing on the raw canvas, and for this he is often forced to paint on paper or treat the surface of the canvas to get a less abrasive one. I suppose the erotic aspect of this work concerns the audience only, considering that the lack of sensitivity of the glans will bring his prick to be worth as a brush more than anything else!

Anyway, to paraphrase a Shakespeare’s aphorism “The art is in the eyes of the beholder” it comes to say that, despite the originality of this technique, in this case it is worth keeping off from his workplace!

However, since around there are many painters who make “cock-up paintings”, why not having one able to make better paintings by cock?

[Here for artist webpage  “

Here, Tim while working

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