Greek Myths Sexuality

Published June 17, 2011 by Tony

Greek Myths Sexuality
Erotic fancy Scenario

Greek was one of the most important civility in the world and some country, as the southern Italy, is lucky to have had such ancestors. Greek deeds and culture were significantly influenced by their Mythology whose history is full of licentious relationships and considering my prior post “Pornography” I now will linger on this aspect and taking cue from the various love affairs and intercourse among the Olympus deity, through a simple flight of fancy – that in the light of the fact could be very plausible – I will describe an erotic situation.
Just a likely story you don’t find around because the border between eroticism and pornographic is so feeble and doing it with the great historical characters  – we study at school  – is not affordable to everyone.
I think a lot of people as me – while reading a story or a tale – often would like to know the details, the background or just what the same story presumes but that is hided, not mentioned or lacking as in the case of the ancient citations about the Myths intercourse.
Anyway, I hope to give back an exciting model not so abstract.
Good reading and enjoy!



a mortal young male of incredible beauty with a promiscuous sexuality; considered the archetypal life-death-rebirth figure, he was closely connected to the seasons and came to be recognized in Greek religion as an ever-youthful, annually-renewed vegetation deity.


goddess of love, beauty and sexuality; primarily associated with selfish sexual desire and lust. Venus was the equivalent Roman goddess. Her frequent and different relationships gave rise to various offspring.

The most commonly accepted version about Adonis birth is that Aphrodite aware that Smyrna (Myrrha) was attract by her father, Theias (the King of Syria), urged her to commit incest. Myrrha’s nurse helped with the scheme and Myrrha coupled with her father in the darkness. Then, Myrrha fled from her father and Aphrodite turned her into a myrrh tree. When Theias shot an arrow into the tree Adonis was born from it. He was a so beautiful baby that Aphrodite entrusted him to Persephone, queen of the underworld. When Adonis became a teenager Persephone was entranced by his beauty and fell in love with the youth then, refusing to give him back to Aphrodite. An argument ensued between the two women and even Zeus had to intervene. Zeus decreed that Adonis should spend four months of the year with Aphrodite, four months with Persephone, and four months of the years to himself. But the lustful Aphrodite still dissatisfied, with the help of her friend Helene, she eventually seduced Adonis so that he would spend the four months which he had at his disposal with her. In the meanwhile Aphrodite was having a relationship with the rude Ares the god of the war (Mars for Roman) and this let us know that she needed both the wild and the tender intercourse. She liked the long passionate and intense sexual acts with Ares but the sweet and uninvolved one with Adonis too who put his freedom and passion for the hunt before her bond. They usually met in the forest and Adonis liked to stay laid down on the grass contemplating the wood peacefulness. They both were naked and his perfect and smooth body enthralled her.
It was a physical attraction and she began to caress him in the shadow of a tree.
Let me explore and kiss any part of your soft body my love”, she said.

Her hand voluptuousness was rubbing his chest, while he looked absentminded, and slowly came down reaching the pubis; sized the flabby penis and a thrill crossed her back. That childish body drove her crazy till to push her to destroy it even and furthermore he wasn’t able to love her as she was longing for. “Tomorrow I will go hunting”, he said smiling. As alienated Aphrodite put down the smooth foreskin uncovering the pink glans and lowering the head  mouthed it…..  Adonis couldn’t manage to emit a “wow”.
As the fellatio began the youngster had a hard on. She was used to different tonnages but those fresh 6,30 in. smelling of youth excited her and though she loved to taste and eat his juvenile cum, was aware that he wasn’t able to carry out two ejaculations and craving for a penetration stood up and sat astride onto him.
The wet cock slid fast inside her and as a bitch in heat she started to ride. Despite the cock wasn’t able to fill the large vagina, slipping into in that viscid and warm environment easily, they both were enjoying.
Her body moved quickly up and down while her plentiful breast bounced uncontrollable. She squatted over  his body and with the mouth open stuck the tongue between his lips. He looked inebriated and with the eyes closed began to move franticly the hips. Some jerks and moving the head to dodge her mouth uttered some moan. He was cumming and aware of that she knuckle down to reach soon a climax starting to finger her clit. Some second after, a nervous orgasm arrived wetting the Adonis pubes. Moving his back he pushed her to  come away from his body and getting up he then cleaned the penis with some leaves. Still greedy she approached him and quick cleaned the penis licking it then restarting to embrace and kiss his body.  Before leaving, she gave him a warning, “do not attack any fierce animal”. Adonis agreed but, doubting her skills as a huntress then, forgot soon the warning. In fact, the day after he was attacked by a big savage boar injuring him fatally. According to different account the beast was sent by Persephone or Ares for jealousy taking revenge. When Adonis died, Aphrodite heard his cries and hastened to his side and with Adonis still in her arms, she turned the blood drops that fell from his wounds onto the soil into windflowers (the short-lived anemone) as a memorial to their love and which are for us a symbol of frustrated love. In the aftermath, as a soul in torment, Aphrodite begged Zeus to let Adonis come back to her and he granted a compromise: he had to stay in the Underworld during the winter while in the summer could visit the earth and be with Aphrodite.

 Coming soon, a new story!

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