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According to the legend, Naples was created from Love.
Probably this is why anything in Naples is love.
Parthenope (that in Greek means virgin) was the young daughter of Juno and Minerva. Large black eyes, voluptuous lips, small forehead, candid complexion and a graceful body made her extremely beautiful.
She lived in Greece, in a village overlooking the Ionian Sea and having a livid imagination spent long hours sitting on the rocks looking at the sea. Dreaming of foreign lands, her thoughts run far until she fell in love with Cimone that was loving her hugely. But it was an impossible love because her father forbade her to continue to see the young Cimone, since she had been promised to Eumeo.
One day her destiny was decided.
During a summer night Cimone asked her:
–  Darling, do you want to follow me? –
– Do you love Eumeo? –
– I love you Cimone and we can left –
– Think my sweetness, leaving for a long insure voyage towards inhospitable land means to forget your dad face and your sisters kisses, leave  A Mermaidyour friends and your house. –
– We can left my dear. I love you, let’s go –
And eternally united, they set out on a voyage of adventure, unheeding of the difficulties they encountered. Wherever they went, they carried with them a message of love, and nature itself rejoiced.
They came to a land which was their final destination, a pleasant and welcoming one that just was waiting their coming. When their bodies copulated, the earth shook through a jolt of joy. They spread their love everywhere, from the evergreen and flowered hill of Poggioreale to the wondrous Posilipo. The sea sang them a song of love while they got lost in the dark caverns, wandering around up the hills and down the coast. It was not long before the news of such a paradise spread all over the Mediterranean, so many peoples loaded up all their possessions and went in search of this fabled shore.

At first, their built their huts on the hill, and as the number of peoples increased, new villages appeared on the plains and on the coast. Artisans opened workshops and walls were built to protect the town. From Greece, to re-find Parthenope love, arrived her parents, relatives and friends too. Because Parthenope, an acropolis was created slowly. She was loved and respected by all for her compassion and the loyalty she nevermecatti table ceased to demonstrate, and everyone respected the laws she established. She was a mother now, with twelve children even and two temples dedicated to Venus and Carere (Camenae) was built too. 
The wonderful city ever, a great civility, was born by a loving spirit and by art, called Palepolis first and Neapolis then,while still is well-known as Parthenope or Parthenopean city.
All of this is the work of Parthenope … she is the mother of the people, the humane and merciful queen… it is to her that we owe everything, our laws, our customs, from her we have learnt the example of faith and compassion. When Parthenope comes to sit on the rock of Mount Echia, when she looks out at the campi flegreiTyrrhenian, which is more loyal that the Ionian, her soul merges into a thought. The Unknown has been reached, the admirable and the indefinable have been created, it is a reality, and it is all the work of Parthenope.
There are many different opinions about the whereabouts of her tomb, though in fact many believe that she is still living, that she still runs over the hills and roams the shores. “She is the one who intoxicates our city with light and colour, who makes the sea glow, the town overflow with joy; she is who makes us pine and turn pale with love … Parthenope is immortal, she is love, and Naples is the city of love”.

Bacchus and Ceres, the mermaids Partenope, Leucosia and Ligeia, with the God Sebete

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