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Neapolitan Oddity

Published August 18, 2011 by Tony

Slice of Neapolitan Life III

The past month I posted the first part of this subject with the first images (Neapolitan Oddity I), then the second part (Neapolitan Oddity II) and now just the third part.


The art of getting by or as someone says “spaghetti solution”. To economize or the lack of money brings somebody to use anything that serve for the purpose.
Lack of space and Neapolitan creativity often helps to find a solution.
I think it perhaps wasn’t a moped to throw away but, either was a joke or a stolen motorcycle.

Imagination gets no limit! I guess it was a way    to be ironic about the garbage problem during the holiday, creating a sort of Xmas tree with false trash bags.

A funny drawing found in internet that says: “The ten commandments of the Neapolitans”
Do not nag;
Do not steal;
Forget the kids;
Mind your own fucking business;
Do not say shit;
Do not shoot anyone;
Found a job;
Speaks little;
Do not pose;
Pay respect.


The small sign warns:

“Excuse me,  but I have only 5 points       and must obey speed limit.”

(Note that in Italy is in force the  

driver’s license point system.)