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Published August 23, 2011 by Tony



During the walk of our life we make acquaintance and meet many people, including friends and relatives, and it sometimes happens to establish a closer relationship, an intimate or emotional one, and I am not referring, in this case, to romance or love stories in particular.

Relationships that often last many years and for various reasons then end, falling into oblivion inexorably.

Usually they are relationships that arise during youth, when we have more time to wander and to be together and later then, the unfolding of the life – from both the sides – leads them to end or to limit certain friendships born in the past. For example, consider the entry into the world of work, with all its obligations and problems, or the love affairs, engagement or marriage, with all the concerns and commitments coming from it. Important things that affect and transform our life radically, opening new chapters of our existence. And just in these new chapters it can happen to forget or put aside some things happened in the previous chapters, and this is what happened to me too.

While in the bed I was trying to fall asleep, during one of these hot and sultry summer night, my mind, as often happens, was wandering over time reminding or analysing past things.

Franco and Giovanni the first years we knew each other.

Franco and Giovanni the first years we knew each other.

At once, John’s face appeared…. Franco’s, parent’s and other members of their family.

They were distant relatives, but between us suddenly came a friendship and a deep fondness that lasted long. Years of carefree, happiness and projects, with John and Franco, two brothers, younger than me, whose home I went every weekend to be together. The days spent together at the seaside, the humour and joy of their father and the good will and affection of the mother, who regarded me as a member of the family … … a whirlwind of memories flowed as a flashback in my closed eyes.

What a tenderness and melancholy!

It is true that we exceptionally met at a funeral many years after the end of the relationship, with just the time to ask each other:

how are you? … where are you living? … what job are you doing now?

In my eyes their faces were those of 30 years ago, faces that I knew well and that will remain forever in my mind, and I wondered:

how do they could look like nowadays?!

In the case we will meet in the street, it even could happen to  be unrecognizable people.

Gee whiz! A shiver crossed my skin.

Their family changed their residence after our friendship had vanished and some year later I had knowledge that John got married, and because the job had gone to the north.  I do not know his children as he doesn’t know mine. They are perfect strangers each other.

What a shame!

I do not have their addresses and neither found them on Facebook … who knows, all things considered, I perhaps prefer to remember their faces as they looked like at the time.

As said, this can be considered just one of those relationships that ends without a particular reason, and though long and important, then became a memory that will disappear with us only.
How strange life is!