Published September 10, 2011 by Tony


According to a recent study of Columbia University, the abuse of search engines could bring the brain to get lazy.
Which of you  still remember the advice of the teachers at school – “…avoid to have recourse to the calculator for the computation and train your mind?” –
The concept is the same.
Today, thanks to computer, cell and Internet most of us do without memorizing data, because we then can go back any information easily,  by a few clicks on computer or cell, independently if it’s a telephone number or information.
Why must I remember if I can find everything I need whenever and wherever I want?
In short, (rote) learning and memory would be strongly influenced by the presence of digital media that people usually use.
It’s a fact that the new technologies are changing lifestyle, but someone else says, on the contrary, that beyond memory performance,  the new technologies help to be more efficient extending our cognitive capacities too.
Which of them is right? Who will live, will see!


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