Published September 20, 2011 by Tony


Tax-free, sent by thought

How many times in the past, I asked you angry because I was not born into the world in a wealthy family,
why I had not been allowed to have Leonardo Di Caprio beauty or Richard Gere charms.
As always, dazzled by the appearance rather than substance people neglect the being and his inward.
Meanwhile, as time went by, every white hair inexorably became the depository of life lived.
Since then my eyes started to look at the world differently and discover the virtues of my being always neglected.
Lord, for this I now must thank you.
Must thank you if my eyes are wet after watching a banal love film
or if my soul vibrates while listening at a simple sweet melody.
Thank you for giving me the ability to sense the innermost feelings of others,
thanks for let me delight in front of a sunset or at the sight of a wood.
Little things, I know, but in a world so material I’m happy to have them,
aware they will comfort me through the difficult journey still awaiting me.


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