Social animals

Published September 25, 2011 by Tony


Man is alone!
Many people have already realized this, while others sense this feeling for few fleeting moments during the day.
Man is a social animal, that is to say that he joins, and lives together with his peers and perhaps with an instinct of sociability or relational innate, as many philosophers have written.  I personally tend more towards the thought of the philosopher Hobbes and his concept of ‘”Homo hominis lupus”, ie that each individual tends above all to assert himself, even to the detriment of others in society and the meeting takes place only when one realizes that joining is better to solve common problems, to which it is difficult to cope alone. And that beyond a few rare cases of altruism or solidarity pulses.
But, my thoughts turns to something else, if the man is no longer ‘alone’ when he is together someone.
Is the physical presence and affection to make us feel not alone?
I think not.
A person can be with the loved one, with family members, with friends or with 1000 persons and be alone!
It is not my intent to debate the difficulties of human relationships, difficulties exacerbated in recent decades.
I mean that inside our nature is housing a primitive instinct of individualism, that makes us be alone (individual) no matter who or how many are together.
That ego, interior and superior, that dominates our mind and let us isolate ourself even when in crowds.
That one giving us the impulse to survive, which keeps our innermost hidden secrets, which alienates us confirming our diversity … I’m me and you’re you.
Together or divided we always remain two separate units.

As instinctively and inevitably lonely, human being tends to relate just to find understanding, dialogue, affection and feel less alone.
But whatever happens, he remains alone!

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