Published September 25, 2011 by Tony

Controversy about list of gay politicians

listouting Blog

At least ten of the most homophobic Italian politicians are gay. The complaint comes from an anonymous WordPress blog called “Listaouting“,  listing names and surnames, evidently edited by anonymous activists for gay rights.

The list was published after the rejection of the homophobia bill for having homosexuals and homophobes politicians up against the wall. After the publication of the list, Parliament rebelled: for some it is just a hoax while for someone else is an unfounded libel and an impingement. But the controversy was also raised by homosexual organizations.
At the time of the announcement,  this initiative already caused controversy. Until few day ago the post said: “This initiative is to bring a little of ‘justice’ in a country where there are people who do not have any kind of defense against the daily attacks and insults by a political class hypocrite and bad “.  “We have the names of a dozen high-ranking prelates, other personalities from the worlds of entertainment and television.”
Then the warning: “From now on, any attack against the LGBT community by the Catholic hierarchy, the world of information, policy, we will reserve the right to respond adequately.”
The gay community is torn. “The extreme practice of ‘outing’ is not part of our culture, but the case has to open a discussion about the ‘policy coherence’ and how ‘homosexuality is perceived in this country’.”
While in Italy the debate on equal rights between the sexes takes on these contours, as always, ridiculous and unnecessary, in Germany passed a law that guarantees equal rights to gay couples.

As always, the ones that should be basic rights still remain difficult claims to pursue because sexual tendency if different from the “normality”, imposed by someone at history dawn, is a perversion or crime, worldwide.
This just is the civilized world we are living in.


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