Published September 25, 2011 by Tony


Misha Gordin - Shout -

Unless you are living in a small and quiet village or in the mountains, life in a big and crowded urban center is stressful.Then, if we add a chaotic and uncivilized coexistence, life becomes unlivable even.
That is why I am thinking that we are too many on this planet!
We look like an anthill, but the ants are much more polite, clean and respectful than us.
Too many people, too much pollution, too much concrete, too much noise, too much incivility, too many rules, too many laws, too many restrictions, too much inequality, too much violence, too much poverty, too much wealth………………

What does it take for things to change?

Either we collapse by a self-destruction or Mother Nature will batten down the hatches , at least I hope so.


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