Published October 3, 2011 by Tony


The wrong Referee’s Decisions are born with the football itself and whatever we can say or complain will continue to exist until the arbitration control will not change. The last errors  I now remember are those  happened during Juventus-Palermo on last February or during Roma-Brescia on last year. And what about Moreno during the  match ITALIA- CHILE of the 2002 World Cup! Do you remember that?!

But we could compile a long list of oversights and mistaken judgments of the referees, so I feel that with the last errors occurred during the match Inter Inter-Naples  you got there a bit late, didn’t you?.

It seems that only Inter has suffered these injustices but until now, if we look at the previous championship I could list all the wrong referee’s decisions of the last championship that Napoli unfairly was subject to…. but we have not made an affair of State, the team continued to play until the last second (even scoring) and Mazzarri went on his way, and so for other teams too.
At Rainier and Inter fans, so?
Do you want to avoid the match?
To Kill the referee Rocchi?
Or to affirm that Inter players were the best during the game even deserving the win?
But let’s be done!
Someone, ready to fire on the referee and to find a scapegoat, forgets that in this first part of the championship Inter team has suffered the most goals so far with the worst defense in the field, even worse than Udinese being in last place. Someone else, then, more seriously, missed that many Inter fans in the stands during the match chanted racist chants and this, in accordance with the regulation, would even lead to the suspension of the game.
In my opinion, these fans are not judging the game from a sporty point of view but from ‘Northerners intolerant’, because for them it is doubly humiliating to be beaten by a southern team.
If this is the level, then I tell,  be ashamed of yourself and those defeats are more than welcome.

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