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Published October 14, 2011 by Tony

When the crime becomes Business!

The three accused

According to rumors, American networks would have competed, to the tune of dollars, for the exclusive first interview to Amanda Knox returned in U.S. after the acquittal for the murder of Meredith Kercher in Italy. Useless say we all are happy for her. Sure it will, become a scoop, and someone maybe will win a prizes even. I do not think that Amanda has something new or important to say in addition to everything we already know. When a legal case isn’t resolved yet, it would be fair and opportune to pay, if anything, to get to know who the murderess.

Judging by the programs that are aired these days, a lot of people in the television audience like to crime news.

And, who knows why, the killers are more sought than the victims, it gets more audience, evidently!

Behind crimes news on TV there is a round of millionaire business, from the TV networks, earning by  advertising, and ending with the protagonists, criminals and victims, in addition to criminologists, lawyers, psychiatrists, psychologists and commentators, invited as guests or consultants. The few who do not receive earnings, will certainly gain in visibility.

Amanda Knox after the acquittal

In journalism, you should not pay for news.