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Published October 19, 2011 by Tony


The “TargetMap” website released a penis average length world map, using colors to indicate the lengths of the men in 115 different countries and taking the most recent data, whereas possible, by surveys or studies but also through sources that could have no scientific value (as the self-reported measurements).

Amongst them, Africa and Central/Southern America’s “performance” were the best (17.93 cm in Congo), while Asian, as usually, in the last position (Korea at 9.66 cm.). Quite disappointing data for USA, while Italy reaches a remarkable 29th position, though not the first in Europe.

Before you give a look at the map, please note that it refers to sexual male organ in erection state and apart from the several studies, anyone in the world agrees that the world average length can be considered the one between 5.2 – 6 in. in length. The consensus on the circumference is rather typical, about 1.54 in, while it’s well-known that circumcised men get on average 0,315 in smaller penis compared with uncut compatriots.
Someone has to say about the veracity of some survey because if we consider China, which has the highest number of population in the world, (and with an average penis length of 4.29 in), the largest number of participants would bring as result in an average lower than the real.


The following one is the list of the size by all the countries (click on or save it to enlarge).

  penis size worldwide


This is list of the biggest only, from 5.9 to 7.1 in.




………and here’s the winners….


The British Medical Journal Study, for its part, has issued the following diagram measurements and ethnic origins.


distribution of human penis size

For the curious, the current (documented!) record holder about the “man with the biggest penis in the world” still belongs to Mr. Jonah Falcon, born in Brooklyn (New York) in 1970. The measures, officially documented when measured by a British TV in 2006, reported a length of 13.5 in (34.3 cm.)!!

(ATTENTION clicking on the photo you will see the NAKED photo!!!)

Hey … you who read this post …. it would be interesting to know where you are from, and if you find yourself in this survey …. so, what about your size? (leave a comment please).