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Published October 21, 2011 by Tony


Stephen Buckley, equipe with Alan Billis mummy

When still alive, the English driver Alan Billis, made ​​an explicit request to be mummified after his death, which then took place in January this year. Terminally ill with cancer, Alan wanted to give his body to science because the ancient Egyptian mummification methods are still poorly understood, at least on a practical level.
The team of Dr. Stephen Buckley, University of York, for the first time in history after 3000 years, has been involved with the process used for Egyptian pharaohs, an event that has been taken by the television Channel 4 with a documentary intiteld “Alan Mummifying: Egypt’s Last Secret.” The operation lasted several months, starting with the removal of internal organs, except heart and brain, then scattering body with oils, resins and salts. After kept the body in a glass case for a month, was dried and wrapped in linen bandages. The body has been available to scientists and will remain so until the end of this year when it will be buried definitively.