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Americans loving Italy

Published October 26, 2011 by Tony

Leonardo Di Caprio’s mozzarella

Di caprio's mozzarella

I think it’s not a secret that famous American people love Italy and apart those with Italian descends, many of them even decided to buy a home in the Belpaese. I know that George Clooney goes and comes from Italy, while there is some reference to Brad Pitt’s having bought his own villa in a town not far from Clooney’s place. Woody Allen filmed movies in Venice, had films debut at the Venice Film Festival, married Soon-Yi in Venice, and he also helped raise money to rebuild the opera house “La Fenice”, so it seems he likes the city quite a bit. Debi Mazar has a home in Tuscany and split her time between there and Los Angeles.

But, I was astonished when read a short news about Leonardo Di Caprio who after the purchase of a luxury apartment in Verona, came in my city because is daft about buffalo mozzarella. According to his entourage, the beauty of Titanic would be interested to start an in-house production of mozzarella, which is extremely fond. The Hollywood star is serious, and began to investigate the Campania region, in particular the area of ​​Caserta and Salerno, to find a dairy farm to manage.

After the wine and oil, and with the food market by now inflated, no one expected that a VIP would go countertrend.

The voice of Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall chose to take his second career as a winemaker managing some vineyard down the Etna’s slopes.

Olive oil and honey are, instead, the products on which Sting’s family aimed to bring in their residence in Tuscany.

Gerard Depardieu and Carole Bouquet for a few years, have become exceptional farmers in Pantelleria, among zibibbo and raisin.

Probably, in the future you also will be surprised to find in America, on a supermarket shelf, a mozzarella packaging with the name “Di Caprio” printed on, also if it will be identical to the mozzarella we Neapolitans usually eat every day.