Published November 4, 2011 by Tony


copyright by A. Veraldi

We know that the silence is relaxing, helps us to discover the “inner self” and promotes meditation, in simple terms it is good and necessary.
But, unless you are living in the mountains or in small rural village, for  most of us living in populous cities, the silence is unknown, just a stranger.
Being not accustomed to it, we even feel uncomfortable when find ourselves in an environment where, on the contrary, the nuisance is almost absent.
What I say may sound strange or far-fetched to those who are, contrary to what happens to me, in the condition to hear the silence or the ears’ peace as I like to call it, even if for only part of the day.
For someone like me who was born, grown up and still living in Naples, it is difficult to savor moments of silence that lasted more than a few minutes.

Someone will say –  and at night? …. certainly at night the noise decreases to a minimum but, considering that it occurs mainly at night, times when we normally are sleeping, silence is not warned, lived and appreciated.
By day, useless to talk….  all kinds of sounds, while at night noises and voices from the neighboring apartments are not unusual, as well as the roar of the engines of vehicles that still circulate in the street or the sirens of ambulances and police. With urbanization of the periphery and the industrialization of the urban centers, in the city there are many activities that take place when the city sleeps: bakeries, security and social services, health, transport, hospitals, pubs, discos, parties, etc.. The animals then, we hear them more at night, especially dogs – just a barking dog in the neighborhood that all respond in chorus – like to claim a presence and a sound communication that is denied them in the daytime, when the noise has the upper hand on their woofs.
For some time, in my area, then the fireworks are not only for  the New Year celebration, but for any occasion by now, from birthday to Lavezzi’s goal, and there is someone who claims it’s communication way used by camorra too. So do not be surprised if you hear the noise of a battery of fireworks that at one o’clock in the night awakes you suddenly.

So, when I happen to stay in the mountains or in a small country town – rarely, actually – the first thing that my mind feels is the silence around. The darkness of the night, especially when we’re in bed, amplifies this feeling and this unexpected “diversity”, as is the dark for the sight, brings the mind to feel uncomfortable, to feel a void and dizzy. As to compensate this “lack” the ears begin to whistle, while we try to “listen” to the heavy silence that surrounds us. It takes time before you can live with a “acoustic reality ” so different from where we are coming from and to enjoy its benefits.

We must focus the mind, not being absorbed by the surface life, in every day to establish a zone of silence, to refine the sensitivity of the soul.
Maybe there really is only silence.
(José Saramago)
Silence is the master of masters because teaches us without speaking.
(Maurice Zundel)
Noise can’t imposed on noise, silence does.
(M. Gandhi)


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