Dead star earning

Published November 7, 2011 by Tony

Stars who earn even after death

It’s normal that heirs and descendants of rich families live on private income, but this sometimes happens even in show business, especially for family members of celebrities such as Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe, whose death did not even stop the profits, in some cases increasing or sustaining them for years. According to the income tax return, here is the list of the celebrities who still gain after death and that each year let their heirs earn millions of dollars.

N. 1 Michael Jackson
Dead at the age of 50 years on June 25, 2009
Cause of death: presumed drug overdose.
For the second consecutive year the King of Pop is the star with the highest profit after death. Jackson’s company earned 170 million by records sales, ‘less’ compared to 275 million of the previous year, Jacko’s death year.

N° 2 Elvis Presley
$ 55 million
Musician and actor
Dead at the age of 42 years on July 16, 1977
Cause of death: heart attack
After the king of pop, the rock and roll king Elvis is the second celebrity that generates profits, even at 34 years after his death. The gains come from Elvis’ Graceland, the home-museum of Presley in Memphis, merchandising and the show by Cirque du Soleil opened last year in Las Vegas.

N° 3 Marilyn Monroe
$ 27 million
Died August 5, 1962
Cause of death: drug overdose
The image of Marilyn Monroe is still worth $ 27 million and this year the Authentic Brand Management company has purchased the rights to Monroe in order to revitalize the image of the actress, mainly through trade as a franchise of theme bars Marilyn Monroe.

N° 4 Charles Schulz
$ 25 million
Died at the age of 77 years on February 12, 2000
Cause of death: colon cancer
Last year the Iconix company has bought a majority share of the famous comic strip by Schulz, but Snoopy and friends still have secured $ 25 million to the artist’s heirs with a video game, e-book, Facebook application and sale comics on iTunes.

N° 5 John Lennon
$ 12 million
Died at the age of 40 years on December 8, 1980
Cause of death: Murder
The Beatles albums on iTunes – with a record of 1.6 million discs sold in 2010 – combined with a show by Cirque du Solei on the Fab Four, led into the coffers of the heirs as many as 12 million dollars.

N° 6 Liz Taylor
$ 12 million
Died at the age of 79 years on March 23, 2011
Cause of death: cardiac arrest
One of the latest Hollywood stars, Elizabeth Taylor gained through her own perfume line. In December, the auction house Christie’s will be selling her jewelry collection, which could be worth at least $ 30 million.

N° 7 Albert Einstein
$ 10 million
Died at the age of 76 years on April 18, 1955
Cause of death: natural death
The face of Albert Einstein, used by many advertising campaigns, earned $ 10 million.

N° 8 Theodor Geisel
$ 9 million
Died at the age of 87 years on September 24, 1991
Cause of death: natural death
Better known as Dr. Seuss, published over 60 books for children, which were often characterized by an extraordinary fantasy characters, from frequent use of trisyllabic rhymes and meters. Last year have been sold over 2 million copies of his books and one of the most popular works is the Grinch, who also inspired the film starring Jim Carrey.

N° 9 Jimi Hendrix
$ 7 million
Dead at the age of 27 years on September 18, 1970
Cause of death: drug overdose
Although 41 years have passed since the death of Hendrix, continue to emerge DVDs and box sets that have yielded $ 7 million.

N° 10 Steve McQueen
$ 7 million
Dead at the age of 50 years on November 30, 1980
Cause of death: complications after surgery. A McQueen was diagnosed with cancer after exposure to asbestos.
McQueen’s image is still strong enough to be used as the face of two major brands, Tommy Hilfiger and Ubs.

N° 11 Richard Rodgers
$ 7 million
Died at the age of 77 years on December 30, 1979
Reduced the gains from the sale of the music catalog of his works together Oscar Hammerstein (as the musical ‘The King and I’), Rodgers’ musical pieces still are earning millions. Among his masterpieces ‘Blue Moon’, ‘The Lady is a Tramp’ and the musical ‘A Connecticut Yankee’ in 1927.

N° 12 George Harrison
$ 6 million
Died at the age of 58 years on November 29, 2001
Cause of death: cancer
Alike the mate John Lennon, also the heirs of Harrison’s were helped by Beatles catalog on iTunes and by the show of Cirque du Soleil.

N° 13 Bettie Page
$ 6 million
Died at age 85 on 11 December 2008
Cause of death: natural death
Bettie Page pin-up image is still popular enough to be also used for a clothing line with millionaires earnings.


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