Published November 8, 2011 by Tony


According to United Nations estimates, in October of this year the world population has reached 7 billion. Again according to UN demographers, human beings on earth should reach 9 billion of people by 2050 and exceed 10 billion in the end of the century. But this increase should only affect the Asian population. Obviously, the growth rate is not constant, just think that it took 123 years for the population to double from 1 billion in 1804 to 2 in 1927, while in 1987 we were already at 5 billion. 19 percent of the young population is located in the developing world’s areas, including about 900 million boys & girls with no access to education. As always, China is the most populous state (1 billion and 346 million people), followed by India (1 billion and 241 million), but in the next 50 years the African population will increase, with Nigeria which could even reach China’s place. Currently, 60.4% of the Earth’s population is living in Asia, 5% in Africa, 13.5% in America (310,484 million population in USA), 10.6% in Europe and 0.5% in Oceania.



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