Published November 9, 2011 by Tony

If you have not noticed, this Friday will have a particular date 11/11/11 that triggered prophecies and superstitions, with hundreds of websites dedicated to this.
A similar palindromic sequence of numbers happens every hundred years, but a date on the calendar appeared even more menacing nine centuries ago, in the Middle Ages, ie, 11 November 1111. The first number: the one, giving back a weird sequence that seems threatening.
Imagine if we also add the time: what will happen at 11: 11 on 11 .11.11?
In the U.S. there are those who exploit the wave of interest about  11, as the director Darren Bousman who will unreel the movie just on 11,11, 11, a horror thriller. The protagonist is tormented by strange events and visions referring to the number 11 and the curiosity soon becomes an obsession.
11 is a Master Number, always associated with the planet Uranus and to the new era: the Age of Aquarius. According to Eastern numerology, in reference to number 11, this date would be particular and propitious. In China, for example, a lot of couples have chosen Friday at 11:11 to say the fateful “yes”. In medieval Christian symbolism, going beyond the sacred number 10, the commandments number, the number 11 was sinful (oddly,  if you add up 11 +11 +11 obtain 6, the number of the devil). But even within the Christian tradition it represents the number of faithful apostles of Jesus or the number of ships that accompanied St. Ursula at Cologne, in her battle against evil. In the Jewish Kabala the 11th Sefira corresponds to the eleventh Da’at, the Knowledge, in the Tarot the card 11 is the Princess strangling the lion, symbol of strength, in French cards is the Jack, the symbol of Love;  in Neapolitan “Smorfia” the 11 corresponds to a dream full of mice;  according to esoteric numerology “Eleven is the number two in one octave higher and is considered a master number, associated with open-mindedness, intuition, idealism and vision.” For Pythagoras, an eminent mathematician and philosopher, inventor of the eponymous theorem, the number 11, corresponding to the number 10 added with one unit,  becomes the symbol of revelation and renewal, but also the chaos of the storm.
Whatever will be, remains enjoyable the initiative called “11elevenproject” (
https://www.facebook.com/11elevenproject), a charity project that wants to tell the world of people through people themselves.



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