Published December 3, 2011 by Tony


Who does not know Pompeii, the excavations, the city of the ancient Romans flooded by lava with statues and paintings of bright red, just nicknamed Red of Pompeii?
That typical color “Red Pompeian” that inspired Raffaello (Raphael), who has become famous throughout the world, was not red but YELLOW!
According to a recent Italian CNR study, the red walls of the villas and houses in Pompeii and Herculaneum, analyzed with a spectro-photo-colorimeter, were originally color ochre, and only the action of hot gases during the eruption of 79 BC, could have led to that variation. On the other hand, there are many rooms that, having retained their original color, still are yellow colored. Among the pigments used for painting,  Minium and Cinnabar, the two minerals used in that period to get the red, are lacking while the cheap ocher is the most prevalent pigment. Red or yellow, which is however, we have an exclusive, thanks to the Vesuvius.
And thank goodness that there are two others: the red Ferrari and red Titian.

herculanum pompei

pompei_villa_misteri pompei

Area_Vesuviana pompei

scavi-di-ercolano terme

Pompei lupanare rosso pompeiano

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