Published December 8, 2011 by Tony

Best Italian cities

The newspaper “Sole 24 Ore” has, as usual, published its annual report on the quality of life in the different regional capitals of Italy. The coming out report reckoned with the following parameters: quality of life, business and labor, environment and health services, public order, population age, entertainment. Since more than twenty years, this Sole24Ore‘s dossier measures the livability of the 107 Italian provinces through a series of statistical data compiled by 36 charts.
At the top as “standard of living” (wealth) we find Milan, Trento and Rovigo. For “Services, Environment and Health” place themselves Bologna, Trieste and Pisa. For “Business and Work” the city of Bolzano, Cuneo and Sondrio. For “Public Order”, Oristano, Sondrio and Bolzano. At last, for the category “Population” (with younger people), the cities of Croton, Olbia and Aosta.
The cities that win the most points in total are Bolzano, Trento and Sondrio, while the last cities in the ranking are Foggia, Caserta and Naples.

Although it is not pleasant, especially for those who are living there, the statement that Naples is at the last place as “standard of living” and “Business and Work”, as regards the past dossiers it gained some points and is placed in a good position about “Leisure” , “Population” and “Services, Environment and Health”.




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