Published December 14, 2011 by Tony


Cargo-ship Rena stranded off the New Zealand coast after having spilled oil in the sea with heavy environmental consequences.

Nile Delta, the oil spilled from the pipes have caused environmental degradation of the area.

Texas has suffered the worst drought of the last 50 years.

Thailand, the Honda parking completely submerged by floods that have affected the country.

Unexpetcted Invasion of algae in China.

Utoya, Norway, some of the 84 victims in Breivik during the crazy massacre of July.

Hurricane Irene ready to strike on the United States.

Mississipi flooding.

Devastating Fires in Texas.

Thousands of dead fish in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, California.

2 million fishes died suddenly in the Chesapeake Bay, USA.

Famine in Somalia.

War in Pakistan.

War in Afghanistan.

Iraq conflict.

Jews against Palestinians.

Somalia conflicts.

Sudan’s civil war.

Wars and conflicts currently in progress (in 2011) are 32, six of which began this year. It is estimated that up to now they have caused approximately 1,432,970 deaths. The thing that sounds strange is that most countries at war have some tempting asset, like oil fields, oil pipelines, drugs, gold, uranium or diamonds.

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