Season feelings

Published December 27, 2011 by Tony



Usual, during Christmas everyone becomes good and the good persons take a chance to be overwhelmed by feelings and, on occasion, even having tears in their eyes.

Certainly, it’s often difficult to tell the truth or telling others what we think. Harsh, indeed!
I could give many examples but it is holidays time and at Christmas just the family is placed first.
And I think….. sometimes family members connection is so labile.

How many parents think to know everything about their children or, conversely, how many things  offspring keep secret to their parents!?
For those who do not live near, Christmas is also time of messages, phone calls, postcards, letters, but who does say or write the truth?
Of course, parents love their children, but it happens that children having had parents too obsessive and demanding, then tell lies to make them happy simply.

A father who, back at home from work each night, says to his son “I do it for you, because one day you can become somebody!“, he will have him up against the wall for sure. The child will grow, study and will go on his own way, and then, if he didn’t become that “somebody” that his father hoped, what will he say to his father, whne they hear on phone.
How’s my son, how are things going“;
It’s OK dad, don’t’ worry, I still am the sales director of that important company, things going good“, while he probably is just a clerk in a shop.
My dear how are you. Why not come and visit us”;
Mom I am sorry, but you know … commitments lead me to travel without peace but everything is fine, do not worry “; and, if anything, the guy who was said to be a famous artist is only a nomad who lives by his wits.
And she? The daughter who does always say to have a nice family and living a happily peacefully life. She will probably be a single mother or divorced with a thousand problems.  Things that happen.
Telling the truth is really hard!
If you have not done it immediately, the reality becomes a wall that separates and sometimes forever.
There are words that are too heavy, some damn things that our culture inhibit our brain.
Who does have the courage to say: mum I’m gay; daddy I’m a lesbian; mom, dad, I’m not the first school; are not taken to make the manager; I have not the skills to become “somebody” as you also hadn’t….. and so on


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