British happiness monitoring

Published December 29, 2011 by Tony

Things that make happy: sex is placed first for British

From today, the British Prime Minister David Cameron has more data to monitor the happiness of his fellow countrymen on the experience of an illustrious predecessor, John F. Kennedy. An iPhone app has recorded in real time and for a year the well-being of 45,000 subjects of His Majesty, revealing among all human activities that the sex is the one that make more fulfilled, followed at some distance from the sport. It’s called ‘Mappiness’, a map of happiness in high-tech version designed by George MacKerron in collaboration with the prestigious London School of Economics. The system is simple and brilliant: the application downloaded on thousands of mobile phones has asked 5 times a day to users where they were, what they were doing and if they were happy, recording more than 3 million answers in the “Hedonimeter”, a ‘mood gauge’ that has tested minute by minute the well-being of the nation. Results: sex is the activity that gives more happiness, before sport, theater and concerts. In fourth place is the singing that exceeds exhibitions and libraries. Curiosity in curiosity at 13.50 on December 25, Christmas Day, was the time and the day where most people were happy. And this apart from the joy of another peak recorded on 29 April in conjunction with the royal wedding between William and Kate.

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