Published December 30, 2011 by Tony


A sip of spumante, traditional lentils and a bit of entertainment, without overdoing. The New Year’s Eve for Italians will be sober and dedicated to austerity. Based on data from a survey of Confesercenti, our families, put to the test by the crisis and the new taxes introduced by the operation Save Italy, make drastic cuts in spending on these last holidays: 86% of Italians will celebrate the arrival of 2012 at home, without trips or holidays. 3 million the Italians who will do the countdown at home, 7%  more than 2010. This is the highest number of the last five years.
According to the survey, the reduction of costs bring people to spend 2.4 billion euros, just 328 million less than last year with an average expenditure around 75 – 92 euros per consumer. The percentage of Italians enjoying the new year night in a restaurant collapses from 7% to 2%, while only 2% in a disco.
Because of economic difficulties, four out of ten Italians will not do any celebration. Will simply consider the evening of December 31 one of the many nights of the year, though with a plate of lentils as good luck.
Home has been the privileged place for these festivities. Italians who made plans for New Year holidays are only 6% compared with the 10% of the last year, with someone moving towards European destinations.
Nothing to be astonished considering we are referring to  large families and middle class groups mostly.

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