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Italian Culture Abroad

Published January 3, 2012 by Tony

Pieces of Italy abroad

That Italy is well-known worldwide for monuments and some city in particular, is a matter of fact, but not everyone knows that in some countries of the world have been built some typical Italian attractions, like the small “Florentia Village” recently completed in Japan.
With the participation of the Italian group RDM-Fingen, in 60 thousand square meters in Wuqing, was built a retail outlet among canals, squares and streets that recall Venice, Florence and Rome style, with many stores that offer brands and Italian culture.
But the clones of Italy started before this Asian representation, with many resorts around the globe depicting the settings of the most iconic and loved Italian countries.
Certainly, the most famous is the Venetian lagoon recreated in Las Vegas with “The Venetian“, the amazing hotel and casino, that in addition to the Grand Canal and gondolas, also contains the San Marco bell tower and the Rialto Bridge. The super five-star resort, with over 4 thousand rooms, was opened in 1999 and since then has never failed to attract criticism and attack from the Venetian bourgeoisie, rather than the ‘real’ gondoliers, outraged to see their architectural treasures transplanted overseas.
In 2002, the amusement Xetulul Park, in Guatemala, famous for its Russian roller coasters and for the reproduction of renowned monuments, includes the Trevi Fountain and the Piazza della Signoria. Inside the Legoland theme park, present in the U.S. and Europe, is not missing a call to our Bel Paese, with the reproduction of the “Rotonda of Palladio,” while a miniaturized clone of the “Leaning Tower” in Pisa,  is in China and India.
This pleases me, of course, but the atmosphere and the vision of cities and original monuments, to visit on location in Italy, is just another story and the comparison of the next pictures gives the evidence.


Florentia Village

Florentia Village

Imitation of a canal Real Venetian canal

Imitation Colosseum  Colosseum in Rome

The Venetian

The Venetian

The-Venetian San Mark square  San Marco square in Venice

Copy of Fountain of Trevi  Fontana di Trevi in Rome

Copy of Signoria square in Xetulul  Piazzaa della Signoria in Florence