Published January 15, 2012 by Tony

How to remove content from Facebook


Do you have posted on Facebook news, comments, messages or pictures you would like to eliminate?
If few contents which you also know the release date will have no problem, but if they are many and published on different dates, then the situation becomes more complicated and for this a new small application for Android, costing 1 dollar, can help us. By smartphone (but coming soon for iPhone and iPad too), we are now able to  delete permanently everything we want. Exfoliate is its name that, once installed and started, asks to enter Facebook login information (to protect privacy, the authors ensure that Exfoliate won’t remember log-in data, as well as no memory about deleted data), then will show a list of all items that may be removed. Simply “tick” with your finger to delete entries (posts on yours or other wall, pictures and comments, a number of “like” and so on) and at this point you will need to authorize the program as a Facebook application. Be ready to grant several permits because your personal “exfoliating” app will have to snoop into a lot of places. Re-read the choices and take a break before confirming. Remember that the process is irreversible! Then just press the finger on the screen to start cleaning. Slow but inexorable, Exfoliate starts from the old items. Also keep in mind that the process is kinda slow, and to remove years of publications and links it needs several hours, perhaps it’s the case to keep your smartphone to the charger….

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