Published February 2, 2012 by Tony

For millions of Italian parents, February 20 is the deadline to register their children in a new school for the next school-year (2012-2013), from elementary to high school. In fact, the Italian school system requires students to renew every year their registration also if still in the elementary or secondary school. This is a way for the school to know in advance the number of students for the next year.
The most difficult choice is for students in the final year of the middle school (3th year), who have to choose which high school attend. This choice is sometimes not very easy for both parents and students that at 11 – 12 years do not know yet what professional address undertake. We have 23 choices (specializations) among secondary schools, technical colleges and tertiary colleges. In most cases, this choice dictates, then, in the future, the laurea degree course to attend, after their high school leaving qualifications. The highest number of entries will interest, as usual, technical or commercial institutes and senior high school specializing in science education or in classical studies. Anyway,  every year several students change their mind leaving the selected high school to attend another different one because Italian school normative allows students to change high school or course of study no later than the second year of enrollment.

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