Published February 3, 2012 by Tony


Italy and Naples are known worldwide for their ancient tradition of coffee like the one that, after lunch, I’m sipping right now; but we know something about chocolate too. Most of our desserts are made with chocolate and there are industry leaders for this, even if the neighboring Switzerland is among the best chocolate makers. Each country has its own old traditions and even some small local manufacturer of chocolate. I can say that we are connoisseurs and companies, both Italian and Swiss, use very strict and precise criteria for the production of cocoa and chocolate. Among the most known firms that we find more on the supermarkets’ shelves and to whom we trust, I  can mention now Perugina, Ferrero and Lindt, each with many varieties to choose from. Perugina name comes from the city of Perugia in which the firm is located, instead Ferrero is perhaps today known in many nations  for his NUTELLA, a jar containing a particular type of spreadable delicious chocolate with hazelnut flavor. All Italian children and young people are crazy for Nutella and if you’ve never tasted it, I can only tell you to be careful because it is so good that you may become Nutella-addict quickly. I personally like pieces of dark chocolate (no more than 75% cocoa) softer flavored, and by now, I cannot avoid to eat a little bit of it in the night after dinner. Yum

6 comments on “ITALIAN CHOCOLATE

      • Atlanta, Georgia. But, my father’s father and my mother’s grandparents are from Italy, and I did have the very distinct pleasure of living in Mestre and Venice molti anni fa!

      • WOW… although America is a great nation I hope you can be back in Italy sooner or later. Yours a nice blog too, so similar to mine and for this could be worth to share them if you like.

  • Glad u like my idea… I was thinking to put a widget on the blog publicizing and linking to yours as you shoud do about mine… otherwise if you have a different proposal let me know it… later

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