Published February 11, 2012 by Tony


Started in Madrid about a year ago with the “movement of indignados”, the juvenile mobilization that occupied for months Puerta del Sol, then spread throughout north central Europe and even United States, asking for “respect for the majority of ordinary people that are crushed by privileges and bad choices made by a handful of privileged lobby who hold the reins of political and economic system in the world“.
On 9 November, fifty young – then step by step  growing in number – left Nice to go in Greece passing from Italy, the two countries most severely affected by the financial tsunami. The march, which began last November, should end in May. Last week they pitched their tents in Rome and are now in Naples. As usual, they will devote themselves to explain and try to share with as many people as possible their political dream, with meetings, sit-in and press conference on many issues. Previously, to participate in the worldwide event “Occupy the world“, many Italian cities and many places around the world had been occupied by local indignados people, protesting “against the dictatorship of the banks and financial speculation that use global crisis to attack and dismantle public services, welfare, education, at the expense of human rights and take possession of commons goods”. Italians indignados met  on the web and  their manifesto reported the slogan:” Do not bring flags and party or union symbols, but only the Italian flag and the constitution. Do not act in a violent way”.
In Naples, the marchers are now camped in Piazza del Gesù, someone walks barefoot and I regret that during this period, weather conditions have not been very lenient.
Come on guys! If I were 30 years younger, I’d be for sure at your side!




or watch this


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