Terrifying Billboard in Naples

Published February 11, 2012 by Tony

Neapolitan mums protest

A howling monster, with hollow eyes orbits, and mouth open with sharp teeth,  this is the face that stands on an advertising poster that a local digital printing service placed in some street in Naples, publicizing “prints to fear”, and that has sparked protests by some citizen. Moms have been the first to protest, telling children get frightened and asking to remove the advertisement. They went to the Municipality office stating that children must be protected from such horrific images. The mayor Luigi De Magistris said that he will consider the case, but without taking any prior censorship, also if there is the need to prohibit any offensive image.
Well, maybe that placard will be removed but, despite I think that children should always be protected, someone is exaggerating a little bit here…
that image is nothing compared to some movies or TV scenes  and parents should first teach their child difference between fiction and reality, because in the end that scene just is a drawing.


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