Published February 16, 2012 by Tony

EU, Premier Monti hushes British eurosceptic by irony.

Strasbourg (France), February 15
Excuse me if I take the passion for European integration“. So the Prime Minister Mario Monti said in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. During his speech, in fact, at one point he talked in English explaining that “we need to reconcile the European integration, which we need in increasing doses, and democracy, which we have not to renounce . Only a shallow and insular culture may believe that integration means superstate“. The speech created excitement in the room and applause. “Integration – said the premier – does not mean an European super state. I think that instead of pretending to invent the wheel, as we say in Italy – we must work on the institutions that already exist. We need to work on the European Parliament, developing more most its functions. I myself was part of a commission that at some point this parliament asked to go home. I can assure you – he concluded – that the control exerted is very narrow“.
Monti also spoke on the budget balance, which should not follow too rigid rule: “it must be allowed to go into deficit to finance investment. I think it’ll happen one day to reconsider whether the treatment reserved for investment is the most suitable. Fine for the inclusion of the rule of a balanced budget in the constitution. Not agree to call it ‘golden rule’ . Once – he continued – the golden rule was that you could have a deficit but only to a limit of investment. It means that someone could be in debt to finance his investments, which create capital“. The President also emphasizes the need for consistency between the decisions made in the Community and the policies of any individual states. “Sacrifices Italians are doing – Monti said – have not been asked by Europe, but are necessary for our country.”


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