Published February 19, 2012 by Tony



In the district of Barra in Naples is about to be built the “love parking”.  So called because the parking will be a safe place for those who want to stand apart and have sex in the car. This is a project promoted by the local Municipality, at the suggestion of a city councilman taking into account that in several places, often without light and immersed in the degradation, every day take refuge young couples with cars and motorcycles in search of intimacy, and that in this poor and degraded municipalities, this phenomenon is becoming alarming. A real danger because these isolated and unattended locations then become ideal for acts of serious violence and lawlessness, often not even reported for obvious reasons of privacy. Hence, the proposal for a sure fee “parking of love”, that could be managed by Naples Park. The privacy should be guaranteed by some box, probably with partitions. But not everyone agrees. Another councilor said ‘no’: “I personally led the deployment of ‘No’ to this proposal that passed with a relative majority of 13 yes vs. 8 no and with one abstention, for a total of 22 out of 31 votes”, he explains. Then adding: “I think that for the emergencies that our territory lives, even spend a single euro for the realization of love parking is a slap to those who live in bassi and flooded every time is raining, and for those without a job trying survive. In an area battered by crime, unemployment,  and lack of civic sense, there is much to do but think about a love parking”.


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