Published February 26, 2012 by Tony


During the last Council of Ministers, the premier Monti has expressed his opposition to Rome candidacy for the 2020  Olympics, persuading all members of the executive. Then the announcement:

Under present Italian conditions, the government does not believe that would be responsible to face the costs that the Olympics could require“.
Nothing else to add to the dossier and, therefore, no Olympics in Italy, while remain in the race Madrid, Tokyo, Istanbul, Baku and Doha.
Having worked in economics sometimes – Monti said – I know that in an authoritative study as accurate as this, there may be very significant deviations between estimates and actual figures: the Italian economy in other circumstances, perhaps, would have considered the risk acceptable, but in these circumstances it is irresponsible.”
The Prime Minister has made reference to the Olympics in the last 20 years where “there are almost always been important financial trespassing” (referring to Atlanta ’96, Athens 2004 and London 2012). A range of responsibilities, Monti said, adding: “If we are here to deal with a difficult financial situation, it is because so many times decisions were made without regard for financial consequences in later years. It’s  true that Spain is a candidate: but I do not allow myself to enter the Spanish Government’s valuations whom do not know the motivations. We must deal with Italian one and we arrived on the above conclusions.

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