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Published March 11, 2012 by Tony


This year, for the third edition of the show Italia’s Got Talents the winner has been Stefano Scarpa, a 21-years-old worker keen of gymnastic. His uncommon performance captured the audience from the first appearance on TV. It’s a pleasure to watch his performance, by a simple perch and his strength but with gracefulness and harmony.
A specialty called “acropole flag man“, where the body is governed by the mere force of arms, and  held in equilibrium by using the pole and making changes. His performance  is a real challenge to the force of gravity. “It’s a discipline – his trainer said – which came from the combination of multiple specialties, artistic gymnastics, floor exercise and martial arts. Just a mix of a series of complex acrobatic movements, a communion of many discipline’s elements  that need a long training”. Stefano says that thanks to the prize money (200.000 €) he will be able to pay the new car, make a trip and then get married.


another video here: