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Published March 16, 2012 by Tony

Let me give you two curious news I read yesterday.

The first concerns the small town of “Falciano Massico” in the province of Caserta, where the mayor has issued an order in which asks to his four thousand local citizens not to die. It is a pure provocation, since this country doesn’t have its own cemetery, but is forced to resort to that in Carinola, a neighboring country. No space and too much money to build one, and so was approved the expansion of the Carinola cemetery. From long time jobs don’t start, without knowing the reasons, and annoyed by this fact, the mayor exposed the ironic ordinance. If nothing else, it has brought cheer among citizens, in the hope that his call can be of good omen, at least!

The other news concerns  a small town in the province of Frosinone. the Anything started as a protest against the former Berlusconi government proposal, to merge municipalities with fewer than 1,000 inhabitants. And now, after seven months, the small town of Filettino, with just 598 inhabitants, has become an independent state taking the name “Principality of Filettino”. People has chosen symbolically the Prince and also the members of the new Parliament, being now an independent principality. As Prime ministre  has been appointed Pasquale Squitieri, a film director who commenting on the news says: “Our Mayor’s dream,  about secession from Rome which last August caused havoc worldwide, came true. Now, our goal is to introduce Filettino in the world making it a positive center, economic, cultural and social”. Even the New York Times devoted a long article to the story, like many other media around the world, including Russian state television, which reported the news.