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Giving flowers is a classic act that never goes out of fashion but, as we stand by a florist, we often wondered what could be the most appropriate specie for a birthday or an anniversary.
The practice of communicating with the flowers, called floriography, to convey messages and feelings through color, shape and number of flowers, was born in 800 and despite forgotten in the years, this old symbolism has not changed much compared to the past. The flowers have become so important that over the years have devised many ways to say that take flowers as a reference, for example, it is customary to say “the flower of”, “in the flower of youth”, “there is no rose without a thorn”, “to be as fresh as a daisy”, “life is not a bed of roses”.
To many flowers is related a story or legend from which it then has been generated the meaning given to that flower, while in other cases had been the physical characteristics of the flower or the properties of the plant to have dictated the symbolism.
We reveal the language of flowers through form, color and even its number.
Giving flowers to our beloved is an ancient custom, by a bouquet or a single flower, roses remain the principal flower in this case. Red roses are symbol of love and passion, the white symbolizes a spiritual love, while the pink the friendship. For a crazy love or passion, flowers of camellias can be used, always together a ticket, even if anonymously. Red is the color that symbolizes Christmas too, and that’s why we adorn our home with plants of Euphorbia, for example. Orchids can be used to pay homage to a beautiful and sensual beauty, a gift elegant and very sensual. In terms of colors, keep in mind that yellow is the symbol of treason, and the white should be reserved for ceremonies that symbolize purity and innocence as weddings, confirmations or baptisms. While in the case of flower arrangements or posies the number of flowers becomes secondary and unimportant, when you give single flowers their number should be odd, especially for anniversaries or engagements.
The following is a list with the meaning attributed to certain flowers, usually used in Western countries, because in the Eastern the meaning could even be different.



AmaryllisAmaryllis: elegance and shyness.
Anemone_sylvestrisAnemone: illness, abandonment, regret, hope, expectation.
aquilegiaAquilegia: whim, exhibitionism, egoism.
Aster-novi-belgiiAster novi-belgii: inspiration, ideas, imagination.
bocca_di_leoneSnapdragon: caprice, arrogance, indifference.
calendolaMarigold or Calendula: suffering, pain.
callaCalla or Zantedeschia: simple and refined beauty.
cameliaCamellia: estimation, but also beauty and superiority not performed.
camomillaChamomile: strength in adversity.
caprifoglioHoneysuckle (Lonicera): kindness of heart.
carota_selvaticaCarrot: merriment and happiness.
ciclaminoCyclamen: distrust.
potentillaCinquefoil: mother’s love.
clematideClematis: fortune, good luck.
ColchicoColchicum: marital union.
VILUCCHIOConvolvulus: weakness of body and spirit but also stubbornness and conviction.
crisantemoChrysanthemum (species cultivated in large colorful flowers): joy and festivity.
daliaDahlia: gratitude, insecurity.
daturaDatura (Angel’s Trumpets): magic, spell, uncertainties.
elleboroHellebore: sacred to God, freedom from anxiety.
ericaErica (white): protection, admiration, hope dream can come true.
EricaErica (rose or lilac): loneliness.
fiordalisoCornflower: happiness for others, lightness.
fior arancioOrange Blossom: marriage and virginity.
fior di ciliegioCherry blossom: good manners and education.
phloxPhlox: complicity, agreement.
fresiaFreesia: mystery, fascination with the arcane.
fucsiaFuchsia: gracefulness, weightlessness.
DianthusDianthus: dignity, virtue and nobility.
gelsoMulberry: vanity.
gelsominoJasmine: amiability and sensuality.
geranio redGeranium (red): comfort.
geranioGeranium (pink): affection.
geranio ivyGeranium Ivy: friendship.
giacintoHyacinth: invitation, appointment.
giglioLily (white): innocence, purity.
girasoleSunflower: vagueness, fatuity.
gladioloGladiolus: strength but also indifference.
glicineWisteria: a sign of friendship, availability.
ibiscoHibiscus: transience, fleeting beauty.
irisIris: messenger of good news, to send a message.
lavandaLavender: distrust.
ligustroLigustrum: youth.
LillàLilac (white): childhood, innocence of youth.
lillà violaLilac (purple): adolescence.
lotoLotus: great admiration.
malvaMalva: strength of young mothers.
margheritaDaisy: innocence.
mimosaMimosa: femininity, strength, vitality.
mirtoMyrtus: poetry, love, virginity.
mughettoConvallaria majalis: hope, good luck.
narcisoNarcissus: conceit, egotism.
nasturzioNasturtium: fight, challenge.
ninfeaNymphaea: estimation, admiration  but also coldness.
nontiscordardimeForget-me-not: it invites us not to forget.
oleandroOleander: mistrust, caution.
ortensiaHydrangea: intention of escaping.
papaveroPoppy (papaver): premonitory dreams, surprises.
passifloraPassiflora: a symbol of Christ’s passion, suffering.
vincaVinca: well-established friendship.
petuniaPetunia: confession of a love that can no longer be kept hidden.
primulaPrimula: the nascent friendship, spring and renewal.
resedaReseda: hidden beauty to be discovered.
rododendroRhododendron: fragile spell, the first declaration of love.

Rose: grace and beauty.

rosaRose (red): love, passion.
rosa giallaRose (yellow): jealousy.
rosa biancaRose (white): purity.
rosa caninaRose (dog): delicacy and pleasure combined with pain and suffering.
spirea ulmariaSpiraea ulmaria: vanity, frivolity.
Stellaria MaggioreStellaria: quiet, calm.
StrelitziaStrelitzia reginae: nobilty and majesty.
tassoTaxus: remedy, protection.
tulipanoTulip: inconstancy.
verbenaVerbena: purity of mind and intent.
violacioccaWallflowers (Cheiranthus ): outrage but also lasting beauty or eternal love and fidelity.
viola del pensieroViola tricolor: symbol of the Trinity.
violaViola: romance and feminine intrigues, but also modesty and pleasantness.
zinniaZinnia: simplicity.


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