Published April 4, 2012 by Tony


I was shocked reading about the existence of a band called “Junkyard Prophet“, composed of young Americans, who in the name of the Junkyard ProphetCatholic religion sings and praises in favor of discriminations and other offensive crap. They even participate in some school assemblies, called by school administrators evidently, and it would be interesting to know their parents and supporters, or those they took as model, because it sounds strange that, in a period in which everyone points to bullying and fights against any form of sexual racial and religious discrimination,  just some boys do it the other way.
Their songs lyrics and speeches delivery anti-gay and anti-abort messages, encourage girls to keep virginity and be submissive to their husbands after marriage, apart from others discriminatory messages.

Are we in the twenty-first century or not? Absurd!

In my opinion, the worst thing is that religion and music just are used for this shameful purposes, and everyone, with teachers, school administrators and parents in the first place, should block such initiatives, as well as educate differently because such kind of subjects have probably had a wrong education or misconceive what fraternity, respect and philanthropy mean. In a worldMaverich Couch where there already are too much discrimination and violence we don’t need these deviant initiatives. Much better, instead, the provocative initiatives like the one I read today about the student “Maverich Couch“, in Warren County, who has worn a T-shirt designed to urge tolerance of gays but, unluckily and odd to believe, the school has prohibited him from wearing it, to avoid suspension even. Since that T-shirt says nothing outrageous or offensive, even against Jesus, who for sure loved and loves any human being, in that school, teachers or the principal would do well to be so restrictive towards other things more important and negative. Irrational that a school allows “Junkyard Prophet” to perform and another prohibiting an innocent writing on a shirt. How many other writings on pants or shirts say things far more offensive or obscene and none forbids students to wear them?!
But be serious, please!


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