Published April 5, 2012 by Tony


If you are planning a tête-à-tête with someone, to take to bed then, better doing it on Thursday.  Why?
A study at the London School of Economics, published on the website “Psychology Today“, says that Thursday is the best day to take advantage of the high levels of erotic synchrony and hormonal potential. In fact, at this stage the level of cortisol, that stimulates sexual desire, reaches its peak, and the pleasure is amplified mostly if we have sex intercourse in the early hours of the morning. At this time of day the testosterone level in men and estrogens in women reach the highest concentration, giving back more lust.
For now, still unknown the reason it is the day physiologically favorable for both work and sexual performance.
But at this point we might ask, what does it happen on other days of the week?

According to a study of the British Medical Journal, Monday would be the best day to get rid of stress. This is due to the fact that, as first day after the weekend, we try to leave behind the revelry of the weekend, recover and begin a new week quietly.
Tuesday should instead be the best day to complete unfinished business and  to be more productive. After that, Wednesday is the best time to face the boss, as we stand in mid-
week work, the boss could be more prepared to listen. Friday, always according to the British research, is the best time to quit smoking, while Saturday should be the most at risk day for alcohol abuse. On Sunday, finally, the good intentions are put apart in general, especially personal ones and, according to a web-research conducted by eMarketer, it seems that in this seventh day of the week our e-mail reach destination more successfully,  with the highest – and possibly positive – feedback.

Therefore, once aware of this, make a date with your partner for next Thursday….. and you will make sparks!

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